Investing more than just money to help you win.
I've invested years of time advising hundreds of startups, many venture-backed, including a French VOIP startup that exceeded a $1B valuation.
how AM I a value-added partner?
I have a small portfolio. I focus on you.
About ME

I'm an operator.

I still roll up my sleeves every day, mainly focused on growth, so I can talk high-level strategy and dive all the way into the weeds of what buttons to push and what copy to write. I was a self-taught software engineer so I lean heavily towards automating efficient sales and marketing.

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As an early employee, I led growth for Bloomfire and Kissmetrics. Both successfully raised rounds of funding and were acquired.

As a solo founder, I built a million-dollar multichannel eCommerce company from scratch in 1 year.

As an investor, I acquired and sold multiple eCommerce and media companies.

As an advisor, I was the longest-tenured mentor for 500 Startups' flagship accelerator in Silicon Valley and advised hundreds of startups around the world.

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